Inside out: Eat and drink your way to beautiful skin

It is a known fact that what you put in your body reflects on your face and skin in general. Before you start thinking otherwise, let me clarify that this is not a post that suggests that you dramatically alter your lifestyle in order to look your best. I am a big foodie myself with a great love for all kinds of food, healthy or not. As I grow older however, the need to take care of my body is more pressing and I am forever on the lookout for foods that will counter the excesses of my lifestyle and keep me healthy and looking my best.

Since this list of foods is almost endless, I will probably do a series of posts (reviews of sorts) on health/beauty foods so that I can share my experiences rather than just listing them. So here goes.

Warm water to begin the day

hot-waterThe first thing I do every morning is drink a big glass full of warm water.  I formed this habit about four years ago when my Mom got me into drinking a concoction of lime juice and honey mixed with a glass full of warm water first thing every morning. This concoction, she said, was a daily detox potion that would also hydrate my skin, boost metabolism and improve digestion.  This did improve my skin considerably, but after a while I got lazy about the lime and honey and switched to just warm water instead (I am just not a morning person). The switch hasn’t made much of a difference on the outside. My skin still feels smoother, is clearer, more even-toned and hydrated than ever before. I do admit that drinking so much warm water first thing in the morning did take a few days to get used to but after that first week I wake up feeling incredibly thirsty and the warm water is most satisfying.  This is one habit I would encourage everyone to develop as it hardly takes any effort or time and is infinitely beneficial.


I was first introduced to flaxseed one winter while looking for a permanent  solution to the weather induced dry and flaky scalp. When I looked it up it seemed  to have a whole bunch of other benefits apart from curing dry skin and improving  blood circulation. It was said to be rich in fibre and omega 3 fatty acids and helped  with skin disorders such as UV sensitivity, sporasis etc. It also said that flaxseed  can help prevent clogging of pores by thinning the sebum that is responsible for it  thus helping reduce acne.

flaxseed-2It is recommended that 3 teaspoons of flaxseed be consumed per day. Because of  its nutty flavour, it can be incorporated into the daily diet in a number of dishes, such as, salads, vegetables, gravy, cereal and milkshake. I used to just pop a teaspoon full into my mouth whenever I remembered.  The results were obvious  in within a few days when my scalp troubles were fast disappearing. I fell in love with the stuff when I noticed that the number blackheads on my face (the bane of my existence) were slowly reducing.

Even though I am not regular with my flaxseed consumption now-a-days, we always have some at home and I have some whenever it strikes me because, apart from the benefits I have already listed, it is said to prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart troubles and breast cancer.


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