The balancing act: workouts and hair washes

Lately I’ve had to deal with the issue of managing working out and my hair washes. It was a non-issue when I wore my hair short because I didn’t mind washing it everyday. Now with my hair a few inches below my shoulders (and plans of growing it longer) I am no longer comfortable with the idea of washing it everyday. One, it requires more maintenance (read: heat styling everyday instead of every other day) and, it takes too long (I’d rather sleep in a couple of days a week).

For a bit, I couldn’t quite get it right. I found myself  either skipping workouts or ended up washing my hair almost everyday, all the while agonizing about how other girls in my predicament do it. It hit me one day  when I decided to go for my run in the evening instead of in the morning which is what I usually do.  I could work out 5 times a week and wash my hair every other day, without ever having to go to work with workout hair!

So, this is what my workout – hair wash schedule look like these days.

Day of the Week Workout Hair wash
Monday AM AM
Tuesday PM
Wednesday AM AM
Thursday PM
Friday AM AM

I work out in the mornings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which are also my hair wash days, and in the evenings on Tuesday and Thursday that way I’m getting two workouts in before the Wednesday and Friday washes. It is a grueling schedule to follow but you gotta do what you gotta do and I find that this works best for me. Unless of course I have a social commitment on a Tuesday or Thursday evening. If that happens, well, I’m screwed.


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