On my testing table


If you’re wondering ‘What’s with the title?!’, you should know, I like using fancy sounding words/phrases/terms. So instead of calling them Hauls I’ve decided to name these kind of posts On my testing table. Also, in my opinion, it makes more sense because, I’m constantly playing with my new goodies to see if they’re any good and figure out the best ways use them.

My current list of play things looks something like this

  1. Ciaté Velvet Manicure in 3AM Girl: For those of you who don’t know, Ciaté is a British nail care brand that’s all the rage right now. This is the brand credited with the introduction of DIY Caviar Manicures. The Velvet Manicure kit, is along the same lines except, according to the brand, it is designed to ‘give an indulgent velvety coat to your manicure’. The kit comes with a navy blue nail polish, a bottle of crushed velvet and a brush to help with the application. Textured nails are my new thing, and can’t wait to give this a go.Ciate Velvet Maicure
  2. Sephora Express Dry Shampoo: I’ve been on the look out for spray on dry shampoo for a while now and this is the first one I could get my hands on. It claims to leave your hair clean, soft and voluminous. If it lives up to its claim, this will be perfect for those mornings I need a few extra ZZZZs. I’ll keep you posted on how it fares.Sephora Express Dry Shampoo
  3. Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray: I have naturally wavy hair which needs styling to keep it looking like a complete mess. I’ve heard sea salt sprays are a dream come true for wavy hair because they enhance the natural texture and add body. I’m hoping this reduces my dependency on heat styling. Fingers crossed!Toni & Guy Texturising Sea Salt Spary
  4. Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Cotton Candies: I mentioned earlier, my obsession with textured nails and this is another product to feed that obsession. According to Sally Hansen, the sugar coat series are designed to give a 3D effect on your nails. Apparently these nail paints dry to a gritty texture, like someone poured sugar into your bottle of polish. I feel like this could be a massive hit or a complete miss. Only time will tell.Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Cotton Candies
  5. Chambor Velvet Lips lip balm: Was tempted into picking this up after reading Corallista’s post on this. Tested it in the store, quite liked it. Let’s see how it fares in the long run.Chambor Velvet lips lip balm
  6. Lakmé Eyeconic pencils in Black and White: Everyone’s been raving about the Eyeconic range so I thought might as well check out what the fuss is all about. Currently though I’m loving the Maybelline Colorshow crayon khol in shiny beige for nude liner and MAC ‘s Technakohl in Graphblack is my all time favourite pencil liners. I wonder how these will compare.Lakme Eyeconic kajal
  7. Nubar Matte Finish Top Coat: It’s been quite a task getting my hands on matte nail polishes here in India (Did I mention my obsession with textured nails?!). So when I heard that there exists a top coat which mattifies your regular nail polish, I hunted high and low till I found one. If this works, I’m going OD on matte nails.Nubar Matte Finish Top Coat

To say I’m excited to use try out these products is an understatement. I’m going to be obsessed with testing them out in the coming weeks. I’ll be sure to do reviews on each to share how each of these products fare.



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