Month: March 2014

Beauty binge

You know how, every once in a while there is that one product that you hear about and know instantly that you have to have it? Well in my case this is a fairly regular occurrence with multiple products at a time. Yes, I am aware, I’m an addict.


Clinique Take the day off cleansing balm revlon colorbust matte balm



Reviewed! Chambor Velvet Lips

I am a self proclaimed lip balm junkie and can never pass up a chance to try out a new product. When I heard Chambor has released a lip balm, I promptly went to my nearest Chambor counter and bought myself a pot of Velvet Lips.

Chambor Velvet lips lip balm


Fab Bag: March 2014

My second Fab Bag is here and the first thing I noticed when I excitedly snatched it out of the delivery guy’s hands was how very light it felt compared to the February edition. Brushing my initial apprehension aside, I went ahead, opened up my bag and was greeted with a pretty floral sight. A special mention to this month’s bag design, in addition to sporting summer appropriate floral prints, it is also made from a water proof material. Ideal for travel.

Fab bag march 2014