Fab Bag: February 2014

February Fab bag

It’s here! It’s here! It’s here!! My first Fab Bag is finally here! I’ve have been waiting for this with bated breath ever since I decided to gift myself a 3 month subscription for Valentine’s Day.

Moving on, these are the things that came in this edition of the Fab Bag:

  • Cetaphil Cleansing and Moisturizing Kit: This kit contains 25 ml bottles of the cleansing lotion for sensitive skin and moisturizing lotion. I’ve heard good things about Cetaphil, so I’m looking forward to seeing how these products work for my skin.


  • Just Herbs Anti Blemish Kit: This kit contains 25 grams of Blemipack, their anti-blemish face pack (for all skin types), and 15 grams each of Blemigel and Blemfree their anti blemish gel and anti blemish cream respectively. I have a thing for natural/herbal treatments and am curious about these.

  • Vivel Cell Renew Face, Body and Hand care regimen: This is a set of 3 products; face moisturizer (10 ml), body lotion (20 ml) and hand créme (10 ml).


  • Tommy G Woman Dual Lipstick: This is the product I am most skeptical about. I’ve never heard of this brand and Googling it wasn’t very successful. However, the description card that accompanies it, says it’s a Fab Bag Crew favourite, so let’s see.


  • Cookie Man Cookie: Man these people sure know a way to a girl’s heart!


I also got a 20% discount coupon for my next purchase at Fab Bag and a promotional offer from Cookie Man. Oh! and each of the products come with cue cards containing brand information and instructions on how to use the products.

That is a LOT of products to cram into one bag. I am pretty impressed with the number of things that came in the Fab Bag. Quality wise however, I don’t really know because these aren’t brands that I have tried out in the past. I guess I’ll figure that out with time.

PS. The bag that all this came in is pretty decent. Not the best quality, but the design is attractive and I see myself using it while traveling.


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