Targeted makeup remover swabs: The greatest thing since sliced bread!

I discovered these while trolling Sephora recently, and of everything I got from there, (and I got a LOT of things) these are my absolute favourite.

Sephora Eye makeup remover swabs

What are they?

Targeted eye makeup remover swabs are cotton buds whose hollow plastic bit is filled with make up remover.

How does it work?

Snap off the end with the blue line to release the makeup remover into the other end of the swab. You can then use this soaked swab to wipe away mistakes and/or refresh your eye/lip make up (eyeshadow fall out on your cheek bone or mascara smeared on your upper lid perhaps?!).

Having used it a couple of times, I think this product is absolutely genius! Correcting mistakes and refreshing makeup has never been easier.

At INR 500 for 20 swabs it is pricey, but absolutely worth it for those special occasions for which your makeup has to be flawless. Also handy for those times when you need a quick touch up after getting teary eyed from laughing too hard.

These are going to be a beauty staple for me going forward. I’d definitely repurchase these.



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