Flying beauty

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and this has really gotten me researching, thinking about and fine tuning my travel beauty regimen. It is a well known fact that flying can wreak havoc on skin with the dry air and the change in air pressure and what not. For people like me with sensitive skin, flying is my skin’s worst nightmare.

There are things one can do however, to decrease the trauma your skin has to endure.

  • Hydration: The dry airplane air is extremely dehydrating so drink lots of water before, during and immediately after the flight.
  • Skip the caffeine and alcohol: Nothing dehydrates you faster than alcohol and caffeine. Avoid them at all costs while flying. No, not even just that one glass of wine in the waiting lounge or that cup of coffee to wake you up early in the morning. Save it for when you land.
  • Moisturize: For your hands and feet carry your most heavy-duty moisturizer. For you face carry a hydrating cream on board the flight with you and reapply frequently.
  • Makeup: On short flights, keep your make up as light as possible. I stick to tinted moisturizer/BB cream, mascara and a bright lip. On long haul flights, take off your makeup once you board and pamper your skin with some heavy duty moisturizer. Night creams are ideal. You could always redo your makeup just before landing.
  • Post flight pampering: Use a hydrating face mask to give your skin that extra post flight TLC. I love pampering my skin with a yogurt and honey face mask. Mix equal amount of both and massage into face. Leave on for 15 mins and wash off with warm water. Yogurt exfoliates, while honey hydrates. My combination, sensitive skin loves it!
  • Hair: Flights wreak as much havoc on hair as they do on skin. To keep my hair from looking like a ginormous frizz ball, I apply an extra dollop of leave in conditioner just before I fly and once I get off the flight I use a homemade deep conditioner of olive oil and honey to get my tresses looking their shiny best.

These are the rules I’ve been following lately and my skin doesn’t look like it’s been to hell and back every time I get off a flight.


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