Summer love: pretty pastels

I am usually a bright, in your face mani kinda girl. But off late, the stifling heat and blinding sun have me craving peaceful, soothing nail colours. Cue pastel nails. I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on this experiment though, because there’s no telling how long this obsession is going to last.

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish India




The Maybelline Color Show line seemed perfect for this experiment, because they are really good quality and at INR 75 a pop, they are extremely affordable.  All in all, the perfect range to experiment with.

Maybelline color show nail polish blackcurrant pop constant candy blueberry ice

I ended up picking 3 colours (it wouldn’t be an experiment with just 1 colour!)

  • Blackcurrant Pop – A gorgeous, almost lilac, pastel purple colour
  • Constant Candy – A true pastel pink
  • Blueberry Ice – More of a sky blue but close enough

I have tried Blackcurrant Pop and Constant Candy and loved both of them. Excellent quality, great pigmentation, no streakiness as is very common with pastel colours. Both dry to an opaque, high gloss finish in 2 coats.

Given my experience with these 2, I have high hopes for Blueberry Ice.  Will post swatches soon, in the meanwhile, what are you guys craving this summer?


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