More than just skin deep

Holi Beauty

It’s that time of year! Colour, water, music, bhaang, dance; all in all the perfect way to spend the day. Holi would be my favourite festival, if not for the trauma of getting all the stubborn colour off myself at the end of the day. Over the years though, I’ve formed a pre and post-Holi routine which helps me look like myself again, the next day, rather than a clown with multicoloured skin, hair and nails.



Flying beauty

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and this has really gotten me researching, thinking about and fine tuning my travel beauty regimen. It is a well known fact that flying can wreak havoc on skin with the dry air and the change in air pressure and what not. For people like me with sensitive skin, flying is my skin’s worst nightmare.


Inside out: Tender coconut water



My Inside Out posts are a part of a series where I review beauty foods and drinks. The rest of the series can be found here.


The tender coconut is a common fruit in tropical countries especially in the coastal regions. Here in India it is common beverage used for a variety of purposes from  beating the searing summer heat and to adding flavour to cocktails and everything in between. Tender coconut water also packs a whole host of benefits in every portion consumed. Even though I’ve been drinking this stuff every now and then all my life, I am still learning/making discoveries about its benefits. So this is everything I know about it thus far…