Reviewed! Sephora Express Dry Shampoo

The concept of dry shampoo is a saviour for someone like me. Why? You ask?

  • I live in a tropical country and for 8 months every year the weather in my city ranges from pleasantly warm to scorchingly hot.
  • I have an oily scalp. The maximum time between hair washes is 36 hours. 24 if I have an event or somewhere special to go.
  • I am lazy.
  • I am lazy. (Yes, I am aware I listed this twice.)

Sephora Express Dry Shampoo



Reviewed! Toni &Guy Casual Texturising Sea Salt Spray

So I have wavy hair, and I’ve been told many many times ‘Oh! you’re so lucky, you have the best of both worlds!’. No. To all those people out there who think wavy hair is the shit: No, it isn’t. It’s the kind of hair that resembles a crow’s nest unless it is heat styled. For a person who has the patience with a blow dryer or a curling iron, wavy hair is a dream as it tends to hold a blow dry and curls equally well. However, for a lazy person like yours truly, it’s a nightmare. Every hair-wash day meant a battle with my blowdryer or curling iron to try and tame my hair into submission.

Toni & Guy Texturising Sea Salt Spary

I’d heard about sea salt sprays and their magical effect on wavy hair, but they proved extremely difficult to find in India. I found the Toni & Guy Casual Texturising Sea Salt spray while trolling the internet a couple of months ago and jumped on it.


Flying beauty

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and this has really gotten me researching, thinking about and fine tuning my travel beauty regimen. It is a well known fact that flying can wreak havoc on skin with the dry air and the change in air pressure and what not. For people like me with sensitive skin, flying is my skin’s worst nightmare.