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Fab Bag: March 2014

My second Fab Bag is here and the first thing I noticed when I excitedly snatched it out of the delivery guy’s hands was how very light it felt compared to the February edition. Brushing my initial apprehension aside, I went ahead, opened up my bag and was greeted with a pretty floral sight. A special mention to this month’s bag design, in addition to sporting summer appropriate floral prints, it is also made from a water proof material. Ideal for travel.

Fab bag march 2014




Fab Bag: February 2014

February Fab bag

It’s here! It’s here! It’s here!! My first Fab Bag is finally here! I’ve have been waiting for this with bated breath ever since I decided to gift myself a 3 month subscription for Valentine’s Day.


Valentine splurge!

This Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to buy myself a gift instead of waiting around for someone else to do it for me.

Who am I kidding?! I need half an excuse to shop and this time poor V Day is getting blamed for my lack of will power. I’ve been contemplating a Fab Bag subscription for a while now,  ever since I learnt that there is a Birchbox type beauty box service in India. For some reason (maybe I’m growing up and don’t have to have everything I want immediately?!) I’ve held off buying it for a few months. Then yesterday, one of their posts showed up on my Facebook feed; I caved and bought myself a 3 month subscription.