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Reviewed! Ciaté Velvet Manicure

I’d heard amazing things about the brand and a Ciaté product had been on my wish list for sometime. I had not heard of the Velvet Manicure and only discovered it while trolling the aisles of a Sephora in Dubai recently. And since I was looking to splurge and buy something from the brand anyway, I thought why not a manicure kit. In terms of versatility and value for money it made more sense; I could use the whole kit, or just the nail paint on its own to achieve two very different looks. So I went ahead and picked up a Velvet Manicure in Blue Suede.

Ciate Velvet Maicure  Blue Suede



Mani Mania: Candy Floss me

If you’ve been following my blog you know just how obsessed I am with textured nails at the moment. This mani is no different. The weather has already transitioned to summer in my part of the world. And matte cotton candy coloured nails with a pop of 3D glitter seemed like the perfect accessory.

photo 2 (1)



On my testing table


If you’re wondering ‘What’s with the title?!’, you should know, I like using fancy sounding words/phrases/terms. So instead of calling them Hauls I’ve decided to name these kind of posts On my testing table. Also, in my opinion, it makes more sense because, I’m constantly playing with my new goodies to see if they’re any good and figure out the best ways use them.

My current list of play things looks something like this