glowing skin

Beauty binge

You know how, every once in a while there is that one¬†product that you hear about and know instantly that you have to have it? Well in my case this is a fairly regular occurrence with multiple products at a time. Yes, I am aware, I’m an addict.


Clinique Take the day off cleansing balm revlon colorbust matte balm



Flying beauty

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and this has really gotten me researching, thinking about and fine tuning my travel beauty regimen. It is a well known fact that flying can wreak havoc on skin with the dry air and the change in air pressure and what not. For people like me with sensitive skin, flying is my skin’s worst nightmare.


Fab Bag: February 2014

February Fab bag

It’s here! It’s here! It’s here!! My first Fab Bag is finally here! I’ve have been waiting for this with bated breath ever since I decided to gift myself a 3 month subscription for Valentine’s Day.